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Student's Endorsements and Thank You's

Many students have recommended me to their friends and have thanked me for teaching them to dive. Some of their comments are:

" --- thanks for all your instruction. Frank and Patrice said I did very well. They had never known anyone with my little experience to stay down so long and get so deep."

"The dives were awesome! Dove twice in Cozumel, twice in Grand Cayman and once in Virgin Islands. Cozumel was my favorite. Saw a shark, baby eel, sting ray, jelly fish and a sea turtle. The shark didn't even phase me. Can't wait to do it again.
Thanks so much for your help!"

"Your classes are wonderful. The personal touch you give, especially to those who need a little extra re-assuring, is outstanding. We kinda found you by accident but we found the best instructor around. You're the only instructor I've ever referred friends to. When I referred Dr. C and his wife and friends and my son to you, I did so with great confidence. As expected, you didn't let us down. Thanks for being such a great dive instructor as well as being a great friend."

"Thanks for your help!"

"Well, we are back from Cancun. The diving was awesome. Thank you so much. We are going to try and scan our pictures we got taken. C. saw a shark and an eel. We have pictures of both."

"If you can teach me to dive you can teach anyone to dive! Thanks for your help"

"Hey thanks a bunch, we had tons of fun. Keep us updated on trips."

"You should be glad I found you a patient instructor."

"Thanks for the class. We had a good experience."

"The class was a blast"

"We had a great time in the class."

"The marine life I saw in Panama was out of this world. I cannot thank you enough for helping me become a participator and no longer observer. For years I watched J. scuba dive while I spent my time "sunning myself". I will never do that again!!!! Keep me posted if you plan any scuba trips-I am so hooked on this sport now!!!"

Comment after a scuba experience:
"All of the kids said that last night was the best activity they have had. Thanks again for taking time and being willing to give them an chance to experience something that they will not likely have an opportunity to do again."

Comment after scuba experience:
"Thanks so much for your help. The boys really enjoyed it."

"Just wanted to thank you for the lessons. You are a great instructor and have a great knowledge of scuba. I learned a lot and will make sure I apply that training each and every time I do go diving. Can't wait already for my trip to get a real experience of the underwater world. Will definitely recommend you to anyone I run across that is looking to get serious and get scuba certified."

"Thanks Lynn,
I had a great time in your class."

"Thanks again, Lynn -- for everything. Thanks for working with us! We both had such a great time."

Comment to someone about me:
"He is a very good instructor"

Thanks for everything, Lynn! I had a great time.

Thank you again for accomodating my schedule. We enjoyed your teaching style and will recommend you highly should anyone we know need certification.

Thank you soooooo much for working with us to get us certified. We had such a great experience with our certification, that we were all pretty confident once we got out there. You are an awesome instructor & we loved our time with you. I have given your name and number to some friends of ours who are looking to get their certification. Thanks so much for a great experience, and let us know if you go diving somewhere local soon.

Thank you. The diving was amazing. Let us know if you are ever putting together a dive trip. You were a great instructor and I felt very comfortable diving. Thanks again

We appreciated the time and special attention you gave us in the course. You did a really good job.

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