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About Me and My Certifications

My name is Lynn Marchant, living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I graduated from the University of Utah in 1985 with a bachelor's degree in business. My real job is with Questar Gas, formerly Mountain Fuel Supply, a subsidiary of the Questar Corporation. I have been employed with Questar Gas/Mountain Fuel since 1979.

My fun job is teaching SCUBA diving lessons. Diving and teaching diving are great. Everyone should learn to dive. Places I have been diving: numerous lakes in Utah, Lake Tahoe, Lake Mead, the Sea of Cortez, the Channel Islands, Ginnie Springs (Florida), Weeckie Wachie Springs (Florida), West Palm Beach (Florida), and Hawaii.

Other interests of mine are: tennis, hiking, camping, photography, shooting, playing with my computer, licorice, and many other things. Sometimes I think I like too many things. There isn't enough time and cash to do everything. Mermaids are something else I like. August 28, 1997 I married Suzie. My wife says she will be my mermaid.

My scuba diving certification dates, certifying organization, and certifications are listed on this page. Some will just call this page a "hero" page, however I am proud of my diving certifications and diving achievements. I was never the star pupil of my open water class. My skills were good enough to pass the class, however not exemplary. It took time and experience to develop my diving skills to become an instructor. This shouldn't discourage anyone from using me as an instructor, quite the contrary. I feel because of the time and effort it took for me to become an instructor that I have a better understanding of how some students feel, and being able to help, than an instructor who it was very easy for, and who knew he or she wanted to be an instructor right away. I also felt a little rushed to get the open water class finished. I make an effort not to let students feel rushed.

There are a couple of different certifying organizations listed. Some people will try to say a diving organization is much better than another. There are some differences, however if someone would like to learn how to dive safely any of the organizations will take care of you. It is not so much a matter of the organization, but the instructor.

4/29/89 PDIC Open Water
5/22/92 PADI Boat Diver Specialty
5/23/92 PADI Advanced Open Water
5/23/94 PADI Rescue Diver
6/29/94 PADI Equipment Specialist
9/18/94 PADI Multilevel Diver Specialty
10/18/94 PADI Altitude Diver Specialty
10/22/94 PADI Divemaster
11/18/94 PADI Night Diver Specialty
12/18/94 PADI Deep Diver Specialty
12/18/94 PADI Master Scuba Diver
6/9/95 PDIC Open Water Instructor
7/96 PDIC Underwater Photography Specialty Instructor
7/96 PDIC Stress and Rescue Specialty Instructor
7/96 PDIC Deep Diver Specialty Instructor
7/96 PDIC Night Diver Specialty Instructor
8/96 PDIC NITROX Instructor
7/14/02 PDIC Underwater Hunter Specialty Instructor
6/15/03 PDIC Altitude Specialty (I wrote this one.)

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