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Nitrox Certification

Nitrox, or enriched air, is defined as breathing an air mixture with a higher oxygen content than normal, typically 32 or 36 per cent oxygen. The "normal" amount of oxygen that is breathed is approximately 21 per cent oxygen. Since nitrox could be considered any mixture of nitrogen and oxygen, enriched air is a more correct term, however both terms are used.

Although nitrox has been used for a few years in commercial diving, it is relatively new in recreational diving. The recreational diving organizations and recreational diving magazines didn't embrace nitrox at first. Nitrox was considered technical diving and not for the typical recreational diver.

Nitrox is now quickly gaining acceptance worldwide. Nitrox, or enriched air, will allow the diver more bottom time and decrease the chance of decompression sickness. Nitrox has an excellent safety record. The diver will also feel less fatigued after a day of diving.

Students interested in becoming nitrox certified should be experienced divers. The class will involve a thorough understanding of diving physics and physiology. Students are required to read the nitrox manual before the class begins.

NITROX is the air of the future! Try it today!

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