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Utah's Diving Regulations

divers down flag

Diver's Down Flag

alpha flag

Alpha Flag

Utah's official diving regulations are quoted below. The dates are from when the regulations were last updated on the latest .pdf file I could find. The 2003 "Utah's Boating Course" manual uses these rules. It is always prudent to check the laws on your own, just in case changes are made. The Alpha Flag is considered the flag of choice, by the Coast Guard, for vessels (boats) restricted in their ability to maneuver while engaged in diving operations. Recreational divers have adopted the Diver's Down Flag to be shown from a float or boat to show the location of divers. Either one could be used, however, the Diver's Down Flag is used almost exclusively as a dive flag in Utah. The Alpha Flag is regulated Federally, the Diver's Down Flag is regulated by the state.

Utah Water Safety Act


Board of Parks & Recreation Boating Rules

(updated April 2001)

R651-802. Scuba Diving.

R651-802-1. Diver's flag and Diver Certification.

1. A scuba diver shall display a diver's flag prior to diving activity and shall dive and surface in close proximity to the flag.
2. No person shall place a diver's flag on the waters of this state unless diving activity is in progress in that area.
3. If a diver's flag is placed after sunset or before sunrise, it shall be lighted.
4. No person shall place a diver's flag in any area where boating activity might be unduly restricted.
5. No scuba diver shall dive in a congested boating or fishing area such as narrow channels, launching or docking areas, or near reservoir outlets.
6. No person shall dive in any waters of this state unless he holds a valid certificate from an accredited scuba diving school or is in the company of a certified scuba diving instructor.

Utah Boating Act


Board of Parks & Recreation Boating Rules

(updated July 2002)

R651-203-4. Diver's Flag.
A square, red flag with a white diagonal stripe from one top corner to the opposite bottom corner should be used to indicate the presence of a diver below. A rigid replica of the International Code "A" flag not less than one meter in height may also be used. The operator of any vessel shall not approach within 150 feet of a posted diver's flag, unless the vessel is part of the equipment in use by the divers.

73-18b-3. Violation of regulations - Misdemeanor.

Any person who violates any rules made by the Board of Parks and Recreation under authority of this chapter is guilty of a class B misdemeanor.

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