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Utah Dive Sites: Sea Base

This lake is considered an altitude dive --- which requires an Altitude Table used in conjunction with your dive tables.

Sea Base

Sea Base is near Grantsville, Utah. From Salt Lake City, Utah drive west for about 35 minutes. Sea Base is a geothermal lake. There are actually three ponds. Two are connected together by an underwater tunnel. The tunnel is about eight feet long. The smaller pond stays pretty warm even in the winter. The larger pond cools off more during winter. In the summer you can wear a shorty or no exposure suit to dive, the winter requires a full wet suit. One of the biggest draws to Sea Base are the salt water fish. Yes, I said salt water. The ponds have a salt water content because they are the leftover remnants of Lake Bonneville, and the warm water from the springs comes up through old salt beds it left behind. There are many varieties of fish in the ponds. There are even some nurse sharks. If you take Romaine lettuce on your dive, the fish will come to you and eat it right out of your hands. The visibility is not great. The most vis I have seen is about 7 feet. I have heard it can get up to 12 feet. (It has been reported to me that the visibility has been greatly improved.) The deepest part of the two connected ponds is 23 feet. The third, the Abyss, is 62 feet. Sea Base charges $20 dollars a day for diving, plus whatever gear you may need. First time divers at Sea Base are required to watch a video giving an overview and rules about diving there. The elevation at Sea Base is 4260 feet. The GPS coordinates for the entry gate are Latitude N 40° 38.752’ Longitude W 112° 31.661’. The toll free number for Sea Base is 1-866-866-3483.

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